GI Equipment list

Following is a list of items needed to get you started reenacting with 5th Rangers. Additional/alternate items are necessary when participating in events as an airborne trooper. Equipment is available at military shows, surplus stores, from fellow reenactors, and from commercial vendors such as At the Front and WWII Impressions.

  • M1937 Enlisted Man’s Wool Shirt & Wool Trousers
  • M1941 Field Jacket
  • Plain white t-shirt(s)
  • HBT Trousers
  • Khaki web belt with open buckle
  • Khaki neck tie
  • Boots – either high-top jump boots or low-cut boots with leggings
  • Overseas cap – PX Infantry-style with blue piping
  • M1941 Canteen with cover
  • US Meatcan (mess kit) & utensils
  • Period Army Cot
  • OD Wool blankets (Mustard Color)
  • Footlocker or Duffel bag

Optional items:

  • HBT Shirt
  • Class A four-pocket jacket
  • M1 Helmet & liner*
  • M1928 Haversack and Cartridge belt
  • Entrenching shovel
  • M3 Knife
  • Sleeping bag cover
  • Flashlight


  • M1 Garand - Standard Issue (16 and up)
  • M1 Carbine rifle - NCOs & Officers only
  • M1911 Automatic pistol - NCOs & Officers only

* Helmet should have orange diamond with inset “5” on back for Ranger impressions.

NOTE: We do not recommend or require the use of actual vintage period military gear, except in the case of hardware such as canteens & mess kits. Authentic reproduction equipment is preferred and acceptable.